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Our Farmers & Our Farms

We are Farmers representing over 25 countries from around the globe, with the largest cultural groups coming from Cambodia, Mexico, and Kenya. We are primarily recent immigrants and first-generation individuals who come from agrarian communities. We seek land access for growing food, and several have expressed the desire to generate income through farming, growing on a larger scale and selling produce and other marketable goods locally.

We believe that by reducing grocery bills for ourselves here in the USA, we can in turn support family members from our countries of origin at a higher level, creating a global impact. Many of us are are refugees of war, or come from countries currently experiencing war, drought, natural disasters, and extreme poverty. Our waiting list continues to grow as people from the Rochester area seek to grow food sustainably and affordably. We do not charge our farmers for their garden space, as we know many come from low-income households and/or support several family members here and abroad. Those who can afford to support our operating costs make a donation that works for their family.

We rent our land, mostly in urban settings. We are very grateful to the communities and individuals 

that support our work and allow us to access land to grow food for our communities. 

Where We Farm
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